Latest Google algorithm updates that affect your business website ranking

Google updates for SEO

Google keep updating its algorithm from time to time. This happens as often as once a month. Here is the full history of the updates at Moz: Most of the changes are minor, but sometimes there are major changes in the algorithms that can affect the search results in varied industries across the globe. Thus, making changes to your websites as per these algorithms is vital for your business websites to attain good position in the Google search engines. Some of the important updates regarding the algorithms are listing below. For more SEO news check our blog often.

1. Page layout Algorithm

The page layout algorithm is for the websites which has a lot of ads on it. This distracts the users from focusing on the content that is on the website. This affects the user experience as users cannot see the content that they are looking for directly when they open the website. In fact, the visitors cannot see any content above the fold but find the ads.

Placing the ads above the fold has become quite common on websites a few years back when AdWords and AdSense were common ways for website owners to earn extra revenue from their website. This practice is no longer popular today. The algorithm is not for websites that place a few ads above the fold but it will affect sites that place a lot of ads above the fold which makes it difficult for the visitors to read the original content for which they are viewing the site.

2. Google panda update

The Google panda update is a search filter which is designed for websites that have poor content and are ranking on top in the search engine result pages. The Google Panda algorithm is certainly going to give a tough time to such websites. Sites with poor content written or have very few pages will drop down drastically and this algorithm has already been initiated a few years back. Google run this filter as often as 2 a month now.

So, if you have a website then it should have unique content put up by you to engages the website visitors. The visitors should be interested to read what you post and must share with others. Moreover, the content should be lengthy and it should be meaningful. Simply increasing the word count won’t impress Google or the readers. Actual users must love it and therefore, Google gives importance to content rich sites provided the information is useful and not fluff.

3. Google pigeon update

Google Pigeon is one of the latest updates that will help to give more relevant and meaningful local search results and this algorithm will improve the location and the distance ranking parameters. The rank of local listing will be improved through this algorithm. It will also affect the results that are showed in Google maps. Local directory listings will get preference as per this update.

We will post an additional post on this topic. Stay tune.

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