Don’t Miss These 11 Critical Aspects of an Effective Business Website

The term effective business website basically refers to a website that is perfectly designed or tailored for business. An effective business website will be a website that has all required tools for marketing, attractive homepage, clarity of the advertisements, the landing page, as well as the content to meet the needs of the audience. Most business persons do not consider all of these aspects, hence causing the website to fail either in attracting traffic, or even generating leads. We will discuss a few can’t be missed aspects that need to be put in check for a business website to be effective.

Critical touch points in website design

Critical Aspects of an Effective Business Website

In order for a website to be deemed as effective, the web design must include all the aspects that can make it effective.


An effective headline should be able to clearly answer the question on what the website has to offer in terms of business. The headline should be short and precise to be easily understood by the viewers. Take a look at these technique to write better headline for your website:


The content of the business website should have a sub-headline that shows a brief description of what the businessperson does or offers. One needs to be different and show value, not just talk about oneself.

Bullet Point of Benefits

It may not only be important to describe what one does, but also why it matters. This will greatly contribute to positive web marketing, as the readers will want to know about the advantages and disadvantages. Presenting these points in the list format will have the best effect.

Primary calls to action

Your website must have multiple calls to action, that will foster into driving to conversion. It is important to offer at least two to three calls to action which will map different stages of the buying cycle. Here are some of the best practice for call to action button:


The website may also need to list the key features for the business. This gives an understanding of what is provided by the products and services offered by the website.

Customer proof

This refers to the testimonials by the clients who have purchased products in your website. It increases or boosts trust. Adding a photo and name to the testimonials makes them more real.

Success indicators

It is important to show the awards and recognition that your website as a business person has given to your clients.


The business website should be visible and simple at the top of the page, for easy navigation of the visitors.

Supporting Image

One needs to ensure that he/she uses an image that clearly indicates what they offer in the website. Short videos are also great.


The website should be able to have at least a link to the resources that clients or visitors can refer to.

Secondary Calls to Action

These will be displayed at the bottom of the homepage, to enable more chances of lead generation. Calls to action should not only be at the top of the web page.


An effective business website will help attract and retain visitors to your website by generating leads as well as traffic. It is therefore very important as a businessperson to consider the critical aspects mentioned above for effective business growth and huge returns.

Watch this quick video to learn some more key principles of landing page design:

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