What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can make your website easier to find for people online. When someone types in a particular term into a search engine and a result entry shows up on page 20, what happens? People rarely click past Page 1. Most of the time, they just start over, to do a new search with other keywords. Therefore, you have to make your site visible at the top. This SEO explain guide will point you towards there. People usually find two types of result links in the results page: the paid ads and organic (natural) results. The paid adverts at the top were put in place after Google was paid to display the ads there for a particular keyword. Organic or unpaid search links are the results that come up naturally on the basis of how relevant, informative and helpful Google deems them to be for the customer.

Why Is SEO Important?

The first three results have 7 out of 10 people clicking on them. Imagine what the actual number of these highly motivated, relevant customer traffic you can get if you rank in the top three, merely on the basis of your chosen keywords. That’s why you need to focus on SEO. You can rake in huge numbers that you might actually turn into dedicated customers. Search engines have created an incredibly sophisticated process that determines where your site appears. And you would want to do everything you can to boost that ranking through SEO.

Common SEO Strategies

You can use five essential SEO techniques to improve your search ranking on Google. Let’s talk about them one by one. More on the topic visit us at www.vitaltrafficsolution.com/toronto-seo – Toronto SEO Consultants


In the simpler days, you could boost your ranking just by choosing a group of keywords, putting them in all contents of your site and increase your ranking. More keywords meant a higher ranking. Now, it’s less about stuffing keywords and more about their relevancy. You should focus more on creating quality content like articles, posts, guidelines that are useful and add value to a customer’s query. If your content matches the needs of your clients, you’ll get more traffic and a higher ranking.


Inbound links and backlinks can really help your website. If your contents are related to other quality content, you can be sure of getting a lot of satisfied visitors. A backlink is a link that is directed at you from another website. These can be any kind of websites. However, beware of bad backlinks. Low-quality sites back linking you can have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings. Authoritative, legitimate backlinks will boost your reputation.

Site Security

Your website should be secure enough to assure purchasers of your products. No one should fear the loss of his or her personal information while using your site. Customers hate insecure websites, and so does Google. You can even be penalized for it.

Social Presence

Social media presence is imperative for your site. Over two billion people use social media, making it a very potent platform to advertise your products. The more shared, liked and trended your posts are; the more presence they rack up in the eyes of Google. And you are rewarded with a higher ranking.


Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days, and Google acknowledges it as one of the most important ranking factors in ranking algorithm. There are 1.9 billion smartphone users who are expected to drive up over-the-phone purchases value to 370 billion USD by 2017. That’s why your website should have mobile-friendly navigation and ease of use. Make your site mobile-responsive (able to fit any screen size). Otherwise, you will realize that your site is invisible to the customers because of Google’s punitive measures. Don’t allow your rivals to take away your customers. SEO success doesn’t come overnight. You have to start early by following this SEO explain guide and gain the advantage. Take your business to the top, because that’s where it belongs.