Get more customers from Toronto?

Putting your business in front of potential clients and dominate your competition by taking over Google front page.

Maximize your business exposure

Increase the exposure for your products and services by ranking your website, commercial videos and other online presences at the top of Google search result page.

Grow your customer base faster

Our services is proven to provide a superior ROI vs any other online marketing strategies when it comes to bringing more customers to your website and your business.

Increase your company revenue

By increasing the number of customers who will buy your products and services monthly, our search engine marketing services will generate more steady streams of revenue for you.

Driving customers to website with SEO

We help businesses in Toronto who have good products or good services to gaining more market share. Have you been using marketing methods such as local/national newspaper ads, Yellow Pages phone book, billboard/banners or online methods such as PPC, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads as the primary way to promote your business? You understand that more and more of your future clients are online and actively searching for their next purchases everyday? Here are what we will do to make sure they will find you:

SEO analysis

We will first conduct a proper online traffic research to find out what are your future clients searching on Google. This process will give us a solid idea of where are the most profitable traffic streams in Toronto city to place your website.

SEO services

Then we will apply our proven SEO strategies to steadily move your website from the current position into the new dominate positions. It is common to have the website placed at multiple top spots on Google search engine.

Why Us?

Excellent ROI

You have a marketing strategy in place but you are looking for something else with a better ROI? Our search engine optimization services will make your hard-earned dollars work for years to come. It has the strength to stand the test of time but as affordable as making a few sales a month is all you needed to make the return of investment.

Direct Contact

We are your business partners. That means we are here to help you every step of the way. When you have a question, a challenge that needs to be resolved or you just need an update, you will have our cell numbers to call or our personal emails to contact. We would be glad to hear from you. It is a complete open-door policy that helped all of our past relationship a success.

Monthly Reports

Once a month we will send out a ranking update report to let you know where the campaign is at. There will also be any noteworthy news about the industry updates and our recommendation of what to do to help secure your business online. We want to make sure that you are as informed as we are at all times so you will have peace of mind and focus on growing your business.

Knowledge & Skill

We are not only the search engine optimization experts but we are also the very active members of the world's best SEO masterminds circle. We are testing and discussing strategies regularly to find out what is working and what is not working. You will benefit from the top of the industry knowledge firsthand.
Bringing more customer to your business in Toronto with SEO service

Our Services

Search Engine Domination

Many of our clients don't want to have just 1 or 2 listings of their business on the front page. They want to take over 5 or 7 spots and we've successfully helped them do that.

Reputation Management

Negative online reviews can really hurt your business reputation and your revenue. We have the right solution to make sure good things about your company will be seen first.

Web Design & Development

Does your site look outdated? Or do you need a brand new site? We are specialized in building mobile and tablet friendly sites that have high traffic conversion rate.

Email Marketing Strategy

Promote your products or services instantly by sending out emails. Stats show that 91% of online consumers checking their email at least once a day. Can you afford not to have an email marketing strategy in place?

No Outsourcing

We understand what will happen when shortcuts, black hat tactics or low budget oversea third-party services are used. Your business is as valuable as our own and that is why we do the work ourselves.

Worry Free Contract

It's not a yearly, a 6 month or even a 3 month contract, we work to bring the desired results that your are paying for monthly. If you aren't happy for any reason we want you to move on and find a more suitable partnership.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential online marketing strategy for your websites. It’s important to utilize the best SEO service if you own your own business or if you’re a part of a business that sells products or goods online. SEO targets and delivers targeted customers directly to your website. Not just any search engine optimization agency can deliver the critical results needed by your business. Working with the best Toronto SEO agency is vital to your website and business success. Toronto SEO Agency – Vital Traffic Solution is the most trusted and sought after agency in the GTA. The reason for this is our background in locating and researching keywords that delivers significant targeted traffic to our customer’s sites. Targeted customers that are ready to purchase a product or ready to commit to a service is what any business owner desires. This can only be established with the top highly-qualified expert who takes the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. It’s exactly what we provides for our customers. Here are a few more Benefits of our Toronto SEO service:

Our Service will make your website accessible to many potential clients

Our experts make this possible by ranking your website on the first page of popular search engines such as Google, for a specific group of important keywords. Since these keywords are targeted to people that are interested in your business products and services, a significant increase in traffic is expected to occur. Ranking higher than your competitors is another the goal. The higher you rank, the more trusted your site becomes. More trust equals website hits and clicks from searchers and eventually more sales. This is a reason search engine optimization is very popular. Since it’s very competitive, you need an expert that can help carry your business to the next level.

Our service will help you achieve greater profit margins when selling online

It is vital to have SEO services if you sell products or goods online. With the proper guidance and a roadmap for success, your business will be well on its way to increasing its profits. Businesses that are on the first page of Google receive an onslaught of page hits which can translate to sales. Competitors that are not utilizing SEO have an uphill battle when it comes to receiving new and return leads. This is just another one of many Benefits of our SEO service.

Search engine optimization services will help you achieve your online goals

Every business plan needs attainable goals regardless of if you are in Toronto or another city. It’s no different when using SEO as part of an online marketing plan. The difference between an SEO marketing plan and other advertisement based marketing is the ability to reach your online goals in a short period of time. With online advertising, you’re throwing thousands of dollars away in hopes someone will see your ad. This doesn’t guarantee someone will click and buy your product. With SEO, you can quickly pinpoint industry-specific keywords that customers are searching for. There’s no guessing game or crossing your fingers hoping that maybe this time it will work. A targeted mass of individuals are now focused on your site and ready to buy. To reach all of your online goals, it is paramount that you contact us today.