Search Engine Marketing

When was the last time you got up and bought something you could have gotten online? With the widespread availability and accessibility of the internet, more and more customers are taking up the internet to conduct their purchases online. With a large number of businesses out there all competing for the same eyeballs, it’s never been more imperative to advertise on the web, and Search Engine Marketing is the best approach to promote your products and develop your business. These days, the term Search Marketing is used for the overall meaning, while Search Engine Marketing is used to mean the paid traffic strategies. Search marketing (previously Search Engine Marketing) is the method of increasing traffic and discernibly from search engines by both paid and unpaid efforts. It encapsulates several parts such as securing unpaid traffic by SEO tactics and getting paid traffic by SEM tactics. These parts are discussed below.


It means, “Search engine optimization.” It’s the method of generating traffic from organic, free, natural or editorial search results pages on web search engines. Each of the main search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo and Bing has prime search results. Here web pages and additional content, for example, videos, images, GIFs, local listings, etc. are displayed and listed depending on what the engine rates most relevant to users. This process happens naturally, without payment. SEO can be either off-the-page or on-the-page type. On-page SEO tactics deal with the content, architecture and HTML side. Some of the factors covered here are content quality and research, site loading speed and mobile responsiveness, titles, and descriptions. Off-page SEO tactics include link quality and text, locality, history, reputations and shares. Need help with SEO work, contact us at:


It’s the method of marketing a brand using prepaid ads, which surface on search engine result pages. Promoters bid on keywords that Google or Bing users might type when scanning for particular products or services, which provides the advertiser with the chance for their advertisements to be displayed on the top right corner of the results page for those searches. These are called pay-per-click adverts, and they come in various formats. They can be small, text-based ads, or be more visual, product-oriented, showing consumers necessary purchasing information such as prices and reviews, at a glance. The most prominent quality of SEM is that it offers sponsors the chance to show their advertisements to clients who want to purchase at the exact minute they’re prepared to buy something. No other media can perform this. That’s why SEM is so compelling. This is a practical approach to developing your business.


Social Network Marketing is a relatively new SEO concept. In this method, the businesses utilize the explosive marketing power of the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their product and services. With the emergence of accessible internet and widening smartphone use among the general populace, SNM is a very potent business strategy. Since everyone accesses their accounts on-the-go, SNM can reach a very large number of people for a long period. This is a very cost-effective strategy as most Social Networking sites are free and are helpful for advertising activities. Search Engine Marketing can be really beneficial for you if you’re the owner of a small business enterprise. It will allow you to ramp up your online presence and get the customer’s attention. Start if you haven’t already and don’t miss out on your next lucky break.