Google see your website as a low quality site?

Low quality website is one that does not get ranked high on search engine results because it does not have quality elements. So if you want to make your website a high quality one then you need to first understand what quality elements are missing from your website pages.


Content quality

Google recently published quality guidelines and accordingly websites that have poor content are considered as having poor quality. One of the ways they judge content is by studying it and if the content is found to have been published hastily without much effort being used to create it then it qualifies as poor content. If the content does not showcase talent, expertise and skills then too it will lead to the website being termed a low quality website. If the content has been created by copying the content of other websites, it too amounts to low quality content. Not only must the content be sufficient to fit the page but must also be sufficient to cover a broad historical topic. Content that completes a broad topic in just a few paragraphs is termed inadequate.

Expert content

Content can be considered to be trustworthy if it has been created by an expert. If someone is offering medical, legal or financial advice on their website then it can be considered trustworthy only if it has come from an authoritative source that are considered experts in their field. Even if the topics are not so grand but deal with house cleaning, gardening etc. then too they must be from experts in these areas if that content is to be trusted.

Negative image

Sometimes online businesses get negative comments and reviews on their pages. In such cases these reviews and comments are read physically by website raters including the replies from customer care. Only after due consideration is the website considered low quality. Websites also gather negative images when they have poor website designs so people are unable to find the content they are looking for or content is difficult to read or navigate through. If the sole reason for the website is to get users to click on the ads then the website will be considered a low quality website.

Broken links and outdated content

Any website that is not well maintained and updated makes a poor impression. A website that has a good speed and downloads images, videos and infographics speedily is a high quality website. Websites with broken links, old and outdated information is low quality. If you have a website that deals with news, taxation or medical issues then it must have the most current information as that is why users visit the website. If visitors are unable to find the newest and most recent news then Google terms it a poor website as it does not function for the reason it has been created for. A personal website does not require as frequent an update as a news website so have high quality content to rank high on Google.

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