Get more Canadian clients?

Putting your business in front of potential clients from Canada and dominate your competition on Google search engine.

Maximize your business exposure

Increase the exposure for your business by ranking your website, commercial videos and other online presences at the top of Google search result page.

Grow your customer base faster

Superior ROI vs other online marketing strategies when it comes to bringing more customers to your website and your business.

Increase your company revenue

Increase the number of customers who will buy your products and services monthly to generate more steady streams of revenue.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We help good businesses in Canada to gain more market share.

Marketing methods such as local/national newspaper ads, Yellow Pages phone book, billboard/banners or online advertising such as PPC, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads has not been working well for you?

You understand that more and more of your future clients are online and actively searching for their next purchases every day?

Here are what we will do to make sure they will find you:

SEO analysis

The first thing we do is conducting a proper online traffic research to find out what are your future clients searching on Google. This process will give us a solid idea of where are the most profitable traffic streams to move your business to.

SEO services

The second thing we do is using our proven SEO strategies to steadily move your website from the current position into the new dominate position. It is common to have the website placed at multiple top spots on Google search engine.

Why our services?

Excellent ROI

You are looking for a better ROI for your hard-earn money? Our service has the strength to stand the test of time, but as affordable as making a few sales a month is all you needed to make the return of investment.

Direct Contact

We are here to help you every step of the way as your business partner. You have our direct contact for any question. We would be glad to hear from you. It is a complete open-door policy that helped all of our past relationships a success.

Monthly Reports

You will be provided a monthly ranking report along with any changes and our recommendation of what to do to secure your business online. You will have peace of mind at all time and focus on growing your business.

Knowledge & Skill

We are a very active member of the world's best SEO mastermind circle. We are testing and discussing strategies regularly to find out what is working and what is not working. You will benefit from the top of the industry knowledge firsthand.
Professional SEO Specialist

What we do

Search Engine Domination

You want to have more than 1 location on the front page of Google search results? We've got you covered.

Reputation Management

We make sure good things about your business will be seen first by the potential customers.

Web Design & Development

We are specialized in building mobile-friendly sites that have high traffic conversion rate.

Email Marketing Strategy

91% of online consumers is checking their email at least once a day. We help you capture them.

No Outsourcing

We do not use shortcuts or inexpensive over sea third-party services. We do the work ourselves.

Worry Free Contract

If you are not happy for any reason, we want you to move on and find a more suitable partnership.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We are holding multiple #1 organic ranking position against our competitors. We will do the same for your business.

Welcome to Vital Traffic Solution. You probably landed on our page by searching on Google for SEO services in one of the cities that we are ranking for or by watching our videos on YouTube. We have been helping hundreds of businesses all over Canada like yours to get their business websites ranking on 1st page of Google search engine over the years. You might still be asking why do I need to work with a SEO company like us? Well, if your service, product or business don’t appear on the first page of Google then you are losing business to your competitors who are on the first page. The Yellow Pages phone book have been replaced by the internet as people are constantly go on the web browser to search for the best solutions and the best answers to their problems or questions. We can help you rise above your competition on Google by optimizing your website, your social pages and your YouTube videos. We provide you with an expert SEO consultation, a website analysis with an honest valuation of where tweaks can help put your business on top in Google searches. Call us on (800) 832-5114 to get started today! To be successful, there needs to be steady stream of traffic to your site. Not just any traffic, but targeted traffic that is ready to purchase what you are selling. To get the best ROI, this is done by having your website optimized and ranked for the Google search engine. The best SEO companies will help you direct your future clients to your website. Choosing the best SEO company or service in Canada that can do this is paramount to the success of your business. And this is why Vital Traffic Solution’s services is a notch above the rest and well positioned to meet your needs.

Ranks higher with the right SEO services

If you want to see better search rankings and increasing exposure for your business, then choosing our services to help with your search engine optimization needs is your best option. The agenda is to get your website ranking high on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This in turn increases your exposure to the targeted audiences that can then be converted to purchases.

Get More Traffic

Our experts working at our agency have the know-how on increasing traffic through better rankings from a fully optimized site. This is through the increase of rankings for specific keywords that in turn leads to steady traffic stream to your site. Unlike our competitors, we are more concerned with the traffic of those that are interested in your products. Therefore, out experts target interested customers and that is what set us apart from all others.

Increase Conversion Rate

    Our SEO specialists do the groundwork to ensure you are reaping the successful results. The 3-pronged approach we use to increase the conversion rate is:
  • Content Improvement This is by increasing the quality of the content that is found on your website because it is quality that keeps people coming back.
  • Optimize Keywords When we target and enhance product-specific keywords, this entices customers to visit your website and spend time there.
  • Improve Site Navigation We ensure that navigating your site isn’t like finding your way in a maze but rather easier and hence people stay longer on your site and this increases the conversion rate.

Increase the Revenue

With an increase in traffic to your site of interested customers, your sale will naturally increases which will put more money in your pocket. You are interested in increasing the number the targeted visit your site? Call us today at (800) 832-5114!